Multiplication Charts

Decorative individual times table charts that accelerate learning

Multiplication Chart

It might seem a space saving option to display a poster with all the times tables shown, but this type of poster is very daunting for a child. They fear they�ll never be able to learn all those times table equations. Some find it hard to locate the particular times table or equation they need. That�s why a separate chart for each multiplication table speeds up learning .... because it�s easy to read.

At school, times tables are taught one at a time and that�s the best way to learn, so our Table Charts feature just one table on each chart. There are eleven charts in the set from the twos to the twelves. Each is beautifully illustrated to reflect the table. For instance the chart for the eleven times table features a cricket team, the fours shows four-legged animals and so on......

These charts are A4 in size, full colour and have large easy-to-read numbers.
They not only help children learn the times tables, they also decorate the room.

This set of eleven times table charts costs just $11.95. That�s just over a dollar each. Having these attractive charts in a classroom or a bedroom will definitely help children remember the times tables. Used in conjunction with the other highly regarded products listed below, you�ll be delighted at how quickly and how thoroughly your child masters the multiplication tables. Click on the products below to read more about them.

Use the safe online order form and you�ll have your Times Table Charts in just a few days. With the help of these charts, all the multiplication tables will soon be stored in your child�s memory.


Table Charts - 11 illustrated multiplication times table charts ORDER NOW
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Multiplication Chart

Following is information about our other highly recommended maths products. When used in conjunction with the Times Table Charts, you�ll find your child enjoys learning the multiplication tables ..... and this will happen surprisingly quickly!


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